Sub-THz Link Budget Analysis

written by Ame on 2022-03-06

fc - Carrier Frequency Hz
fbw - Channel Bandwidth Hz
λ0 - Wavelength m
Ntx - # of Transmitter Chains 1
P1dB - Maximum TX Power per PA dBm
GTu - Gain of each antenna element dBi
GTl - Gain of the dielectric lens dBi
TX Interconnect Loss dB
Backoff from P1dB dB
GT - Total Array Gain dBi
EIRP - Effective Isotropic Radiated Power dBm
Link Distance m
FSPL - Free Space Path Loss dB
Nrx - # of Receiver Chains 1
GRl - Gain of the dielectric lens dB
GRu - Gain of each antenna element dB
RX Interconnect Loss dB
NF - LNA Noise Figure dB
GR - Total Array Gain dBi
Prx - Total RX Power dBm
IRTN - Input Referred Thermal Noise Power dBm
Bit Rate bps
Modulation Scheme
Envelope Type
Symbol Rate sps
Main Lobe Bandwidth (SSB) Hz
99% Energy Bandwidth (SSB) Hz
Required SNR for BER <1e-5 dB
Achieved SNR dB
Link Margin dB